Aeropackaging Clear Nylon Tubing 2″ x 500′ (2 mil) – Cleanroom Packaging


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CFP Nylon 6 cleanroom packaging film is an ideal answer for challenges involving toughness, cleanliness and maximum resistance to abrasion. Nylon 6 used for cleanroom packaging is an unplasticized, FDA-approved food-grade clear film.

CFP Nylon 6 is a hydrophilic (water-sensitive) material; moisture acts as the plasticizer (the higher the moisture content of the film, the more flexible and rubbery it behaves). Nylon is also very low in ionic contamination.

CFP Nylon 6 offers the lowest levels of particulate count of any clean packaging film; as such, nylon is used in applications with a high sensitivity to contamination. With its abrasion resistance, Nylon 6 is ideal for packing sharp or hard items that otherwise would cause a softer material to contaminate the product.

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Weight 60 lbs

2 mil


2 inches


500 feet