If you have used AeroPackaging products as part of your packaging solution over the years, you are already aware of our uncompromising commitment to quality. When we say “The Emphasis Is On Clean,” you know that AeroPackaging is dedicated to quality in every aspect of our operation — from the moment the raw material arrives at our receiving door straight through to the packing table, contamination control is the only goal. As a consumer of our products, you will see that this is reflected in the quality and consistency of our cleanroom packaging material.

Cleanroom packaging films are manufactured from specially formulated and controlled resins produced using strict process controls. This control over raw materials ensures that particulate and ionic contamination is minimized. Specifications and testing standards for all raw material are controlled by agreements between AeroPackaging and our suppliers.

All activities involving the material, processes, and personnel are directed by our Quality Control Manual and Standard Operating Procedures. Every function of the production staff including training, gowning, maintaining the room and running the equipment is performed within the guidelines of our SOPs.

Quality Assurance is the cornerstone for the production of the highest-quality clean room films in the world. Using a system of strategic alliances with our suppliers, AeroPackaging has positioned itself to have the best possible material developed to meet the high expectations of the clean film user.

Following our Quality Control SOPs, the incoming raw material is inspected and vendor lot numbers are verified before raw material is moved to the cleanroom for cleaning and converting.

The physical testing of the product is tracked during production using specially designed process-tracking documentation. Post-production particulate testing and final sign-off on each production lot is documented and becomes part of the closed order record for each production lot.

Only by using a system this inclusive can the long-term quality and consistency of AeroPackaging products be assured. The resulting document packet for each job is retained for seven years as required by many of the cleanliness specifications we certify to.

In the table below, you’ll find the standards for material thickness and product dimensional tolerance to help you in developing your product expectations. Film material gauge (thickness) from 1 mil to 3 mils must be within plus or minus 15%, and plus or minus 10% on 4 mils and above. This is based upon an average of 10 random measurement points taken around the perimeter of the bag, tube or sheet.



Less than 4″

± ⅛”

4″ – < 8″

– ⅛” + ¼”

8″ – < 15″

± ¼”

15″ – < 24″

± ½”

24″ – < 48″

± ¾”

Bag lengths are measured from the inside of the seal to the opening of the bagWidth is measured across the opening of the bag. On pouches with side seals, the measurement of the opening is the width. In all casesthe width is always the first dimension given in a bag size. For example, an 8″x12″ bag has an opening of 8″ and a usable depth of 12″.

If you require further assistance or documentation, please call the AeroPackaging Customer Service Team at 800-799-4830 or contact us via email.

Copies of our standards and SOPs are available upon request to our customers for evaluation. Several key specifications are available online by clicking here.

Pegasus XL Cleanroom Film (Photo)