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As a company manufacturing products in a clean environment, you have invested a great deal of time and money ensuring the quality of that product. It becomes a new challenge to protect that product once it leaves the cleanroom environment and moves to your customer.

If the correct packaging material is not used, the quality or yield from your product can be jeopardized. By specifying the correct products and requiring your vendors to test and certify what they supply, you can take control of this challenge.

The cleanroom film industry draws most of its raw material specifications from Federal or Military Standards and Specifications. The specifications for cleanliness testing and methods in packaging are drawn from NASA. NASA was the first agency with the stature to develop specifications for test methods and certifications standards.

Historically, legitimate manufacturers of clean film have chosen to primarily use NASA specifications such as JPR5322.1G (previously JSCM 5322) or KSC-C-123 as a standard for their products.

Beyond the historical reasons, AeroPackaging has some very practical reasons to use NASA as the basis for our test methods and procedures: the tests are very clearly defined and can be repeated with a high degree of consistency; the expectations spelled out as levels of cleanliness are realistic for most flexible packaging materials as well.

Several aerospace and electronics manufacturers have developed specifications of their own and AeroPackaging can test and certify to those as well. If you are a supplier to companies such as IBM, Seagate or Rockwell, you may be asked to pack the product to meet their specifications.

The most important thing you can do to ensure the quality and consistency of the packaging material you purchase is to establish specifications. This will provide a clear definition of your expectations to your vendors.

Additionally, ask your suppliers to test, document and certify to your chosen specifications. By taking this step, your vendor will know what you want and you will get it.

If you require assistance defining your protective packaging specifications or need copies of existing standards, please contact us via email or phone our Customer Service Team at 1-800-799-4830.

Copies of our test methods and SOPs are also available to our customers upon request.