Orange Anti-Static Nylon 6 Film (Photo)

Premium Orange Anti-Static Nylon Cleanroom Packaging Film

A Polyamide Homopolymer

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Anti-Static Orange Nylon clean room packaging film is an ideal answer for challenges involving toughness, cleanliness and maximum resistance to abrasion.

Anti-Static Orange Nylon used for cleanroom packaging is an unplasticized orange-tinted film. Anti-Static Orange Nylon is a hydrophilic (water-sensitive) material; moisture acts as the plasticizer. The higher the moisture content of the film, the more flexible and rubbery it behaves.

Standard items manufactured from Anti-Static Orange Nylon are clean to NASA PRF 5322.1 Level 50A. Of all the Anti-Static Nylon resins tested, this product has an extremely low non-volatile residue test results.

Anti-Static Orange Nylon meets Material Spec MIL PRF 22191 Type III and is certified to the ESD Properties of MIL-PRF-81705E.

Anti-Static Orange Nylon was originally chosen by the Aerospace community due to its Self-Extinguishing Feature. With the heightened concern for fire safety after the Apollo 1 fire and similar problems with Solid Fuel Systems, this material was written into a number of process specifications.

Anti-Static Orange Nylon Bags are available in flat sizes from 2” x 2” to 36” x 60”.

Anti-Static Orange Nylon Tubing is available in widths from 2” to 72” with standard lengths of 500 and 1000 feet.

Anti-Static Orange Nylon Sheets are available in sizes from 1″ x 1.5″ to 36″ x 60″.

Anti-Static Orange Nylon Sheeting is available in sizes from 2″ to 60″ in standard 500′ and 1000′ lengths.

Resistance Ratings
Strong Acids D543 Poor
Strong Alkalize D543 Fair
Grease and Oil D722 Good
Organic Solvents D543 Good


Physical Properties
Material Anti-Static Orange Nylon, a polyamide homopolymer
Available As Bags, Lay-Flat Tubing, Sheets

Centerfold Sheeting (Special Quote Only)

Clarity Transparent, Orange Tint
Thickness .002″


Film Properties ASTM Method Units Typical Value
Density D792 g/cm 1.13
Tensile Strength (break) MD/TD D882 PSI 9000/18000
Elongation (break) MD/TD D882 % 250/550
Water Vapor Transmission Rate E96(B) gr-mil/100 sq in/24hr@23oC 16-22
Oxygen Transmission Rate D1434 cc-mil/100 sq in/24hr@25oC 2.6
Surface Resistivity D257 Ohms/Sq <1012
Electrostatic Decay EIA 541 Seconds .13 to .36