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AeroPackaging, Inc., was founded in 1997 with a clear vision of the cleanroom packaging market and the previously unfulfilled needs of the industry’s customers.

The first solution was a manufacturing facility totally dedicated to controlling the contamination levels of clean room packaging films. The second was to build an organization dedicated to servicing all of the customer’s needs, including:

  • On-time delivery;
  • Consistent high quality;
  • Complete documentation; and
  • Competent, friendly support.

Being the new manufacturer in the market, AeroPackaging, Inc. had to also be the technological leader in material processing and new product innovation.

We have adopted the slogan “The Exclusive Clean Film Manufacturer™” for a very good reason: AeroPackaging is the only manufacturing facility designed for the exclusive purpose of producing the highest-quality clean packaging film in the world. This single-purpose design means we do not have to compromise the process choices we make due to sharing space with other business units. Consequently, we can assure our end users that from our receiving door to the office door, contamination control is the only goal.

Cleanroom Packaging (Photo)
Aeropackaging Cleanroom Packaging

Since March 1997 when AeroPackaging, Inc., shipped its first order to the present day, we have been working hard to support each customer’s special situations with high-performance products and customized supply systems to meet their needs. The foundation of AeroPackaging, Inc’s product line is having a total focus on three simple parameters: Quality, Service and Technology.

Quality — Cleanroom packaging films are manufactured from specially formulated and controlled resins under the strictest process controls. This control over raw materials ensures that particulate and ionic contamination is minimized. Specifications and testing standards are controlled by agreements between AeroPackaging, Inc., and our suppliers. Quality Assurance is the cornerstone for all production activities. Each process involving material, manufacturing, testing, documentation, and personnel is directed by our quality control manual and subsequent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Every function of the production staff — including training, growing, maintaining the cleanroom and the operation of the equipment — is performed within the guidelines of the SOPs.

Service — In an industry that has historically underachieved in customer service, we are making service a major component of our product. Using only the finest film manufacturers who guarantee high quality and short production cycles, we can ensure the quickest delivery times available. Our floor stock of standard sizes of bags and tubing helps customers by enabling quick shipments, especially in emergencies, as well as the assurance of immediate availability of the product. Most of all, “service is a way of life” at AeroPackaging, Inc. All activities revolve around “Servicing The Customer,” including application support, samples, product development, production, testing, documentation, packaging, and shipping.

Technology — AeroPackaging, Inc. continues to develop specialized products and processes to assure the needs of the Customer will be met.

AeroPackaging, Inc. is poised and ready to move service ahead through the next millennium. The mission of fulfilling the growing demands of users and new technologies will create a steady stream of packaging challenges. The emerging demand trend for cleanroom packaging is for lower surface contamination, lower ionic contamination and lower out-gassing. Having the leaders in cleanroom packaging technology on staff, and with our user-friendly approach, we are ready for the future and the level of “clean” it will demand!

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Aerospace Cleanroom Packaging (Photo)