AeroPackaging, Inc. Management Quality Statement

Quality product is of the utmost importance to us here at AeroPackaging Inc., and we pride ourselves on being the leader in total quality management.

In a world that once valued customers and put the value of that customer above all else, we at AeroPackaging, Inc. are committed and dedicated to that time-honored goal. We do go the extra mile and want to show the industry how those ‘old fashioned’ qualities can once again be of value. Although this is what sets us apart from the others, this is not always an easy task. We have chosen this path, as well as chosen a production team that works with an eagle eye to meet those goals.

Our standards of quality far exceed what one would expect or require because we take our business seriously. Starting with the purchase order for raw material, to the final packaging of our product for shipment, we are always seeking ways to improve the quality of our customers’ product and the processes that surround it. There is a level of perfection that we are always striving for, and settling for second best is not part of our nature!

Each and every one of our team members has personal integrity and accepts the responsibility for the quality of every item they produce. I can honestly say that the entire production team is of one mind, keeping a focus on quality, with our customers’ needs ever present.

Carolle Van Someren
Chief Executive Officer
AeroPackaging, Inc.

Phone: (800)799-4830

***AeroPackaging is a Women Owned Small Business***


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